Fall (Prep)aration

Fall is in the air, and with my favorite season comes some of my favorite things. Among those are cable knit sweaters, plaid flannels, lots of layers, classic riding boots and of course, every white girl’s favorite, anything pumpkin spice flavored. This fall I’m adding a few new things to my list.

Let’s get one thing settled right now. I am NOT a fan of the colored denim trend. There’s something about it that screams “The Gap children’s section.” But let’s get even more real, I’m basically the size of a small child, I could still fit in that stuff if I wanted. Instead of horrible shades of my childhood, I’m going for a different pop of color in my pants. This fall I’m drooling over colored corduroys. In (prep)aration for the fall season on our beautiful campus, I purchased a pairing of shocking hot pink cords. Okay, so I’m a kid at heart, but at least my pants are a little more grown up?

Not nearly as colorful as my new cords, but almost as eye catching, is the number one item I’m still lusting over from my summer travels. While visiting my favorite city and pretending to be the ultimate southern belle, I acquired a knock off David Yurman bangle. I’m always one for expensive things. But let’s face it, I’m the definition of a starving college student and I like my things cheap (only in price). Just to rewind, yes I did say knock off David Yurman. While most of you chic ladies are paying $650 plus for your cable buckle bracelets, I paid a wonderful $12. Shout out to Willy Jay’s on King Street in Charleston, SC! Some of you might call it tacky, but I call it savvy.

Going back to my need for brilliant colors, for one reason or another I’m obsessed with burgundy this season. My last few trips to the mall left me reaching for anything and everything in this rich shade of red. Would it be appropriate for me to wear a full jumpsuit of this color? If so, I would totally do it. I decided to wait out my sudden impulse to buy everything burgundy and utilize what I already have instead. Don’t be afraid to buy that sweater you just have to have though. Just let my shopping addiction be a lesson to the masses.

Colors must be my thing this season because my fourth staple for fall just happens to be green nail polish. Usually my nails are painted a classy shade of nude or light pink. If I’m feeling adventurous a grey or merlot might appear. But this fall I’m getting really crazy it seems. I’m not talking neon green; Life in Color was last weekend, guys. I almost have a “hate that I love it” relationship with this color. I mean if you want my honest opinion I’d almost call it baby poop. But in a sick and twisted way I’m okay with it.

For you fashionistas who are afraid of color, don’t be! A pop of color, especially in warm cord form, will turn those dull, cold days into something wonderful. Last night I went to see Jack Johnson in my hot pink cords, a comfy chambray button down, and essential boat shoes.

image copy

Anything I get on my travels is awesome, and I like to pair them with my staples as well. I include my “David Yurman” in my every day stack of a rose gold Invicta watch, gold and tortoise Ralph Lauren bracelets, and a cuff that is twisted sterling silver that I have had for so long I have no idea where it came from.

I have a scarf in my closet that will be a MUST this season. As well as several tops in this specific shade that I will certainly use to layer in. Sometimes just knowing what you like for the seasons coming up is enough to kick start your creative juices. Here I paired my scarf with my comfy chambray button down, white long sleeve for layers, and warm down vest from Old Navy.

My monthly Birchbox subscription is to thank for this one. My September box contained a RUFFIAN nail lacquer in Hedge Fund. Now I’m hooked.

No matter what the season, it’s always nice to have a few new things to add to your list of favorites. I’m lucky enough that my list this fall is small and not as compulsive as usual. But I mean hey, if you are compulsive, I’m okay with that. Maybe we can share closets?

Comment below to tell us some of your favorite fall items.


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