Why Girls SHOULD Wear High-Waisted Shorts

We girls like to think we embody a few qualities that classify us as…well…girls. Those qualities being confident, smart and of course, fashionable. While following the ways of glamorous tastemakers may leave us crossing the line from “trendy” to “man-repeller” at times, make no mistake ladies, high-waisted shorts are here to stay.

Contrary to the opinions of Total Frat Move, high-waisted shorts are a must-have in any girls’ wardrobe and to be honest, we rock them. I too have some strong opinions and a keyboard, and I’d like to settle the dispute once and for all that high-waisted shorts are not just for “models” or girls trying to hide their love handles.

To the ill-informed author who decided to write this rather controversial piece on why girls should stop wearing high-waisted shorts, you surprisingly start your article with the only piece of accurate information I’ve seen throughout the entire post. You sir, are most definitely not a fashion designer. If you were, I can’t imagine you would be having much of a business to begin with.

After reading through the thoughts of this “fashion genius,” we’ve come to a conclusion that they’re without a doubt, wrong. So let’s get into a few of these not-so insightful points that have been made here.

“Only Supermodels Look Good In Them”

Yes, supermodels look great in just about anything. Hence, why they call them supermodels. But that doesn’t mean that normal people are exempt from wearing them. And who’s to say those of us who wear them don’t have bangin’ bods like Adriana Lima or Kate Upton? Bitch, you don’t know my life (or anyone else’s for that matter)! Aside from that completely necessary Baby Mama reference, we can wear what we want, when we want and how we want. They give us defined waistlines, showoff our hips and most importantly, they accentuate our bottoms. If those aren’t modelesque qualities, I don’t know what are. And if you seriously think girls look like they’re two-years-old in these, you clearly haven’t seen a girl in a pair of body-hugging high-waisted shorts, a crop top and a pair of sexy heels before.

 “Your Homemade Pair Looks Even Worse”

Granted I’ve seen my fair share of horribly altered denim shorts, but we know a good pair when we see one. Girls can be extremely creative when we put our minds to it, and believe me, when we get in touch with our inner fashion designer, we can make just about anything. A pair of perfectly altered thrift shop shorts scream unique, edgy and vintage. We wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of poorly distressed shorts. And come on, can a guy be that detail-oriented? How do you know they’re homemade? There’s this thing called a mall. A typical girl will go there (frequently) and purchase a pair (or more). Unwritten even sells a pair of handmade shorts and they look absolutely amazing!

 “They Make Great Asses Disappear”

High-waisted shorts might have to be the cheekiest article of clothing I’ve seen all season (literally). With their barely there cut-offs and ridiculously short hemlines, all they do is reveal a girl’s ass(ets). They accentuate our curves, show just enough skin and make our gluteus look even more maximus. Some of these are made so tight they fit like a second skin. Forget yoga pants boys, high-waisted shorts reveal enough…possibly more.

“They Remind Us Of Our Grandmothers”

Wrong, so wrong.

If I EVER saw my grandmother wearing high-waisted shorts out of my closet, I’d come to one of two conclusions. Either I’m on some other ish, or she is. I get it, waistlines get higher as you get older. But mark my words, the shorts we wear are nothing compared to the baggy, tasteless shorts your grandmother wears. Not to mention, our bottoms look much better now than they will 50 years from now.

So, whether they’re black, white, pink, printed, or the color of the rainbow, high-waisted shorts are definitely not leaving the fashion limelight any time soon. Though we are avid readers of this entertaining site, TFM clearly needs to learn a thing or two about what’s trending for the season. And as a fellow high-waisted shorts proponent, I say wear them as much as you can until the cooler months start rolling in!


5 thoughts on “Why Girls SHOULD Wear High-Waisted Shorts

  1. omg thank you! i saw the article and just had to google and see if anyone refuted that tasteless plebe. i’m a fan of yours now 🙂

    p.s. i’m guessing the doubters are unfamiliar with kelly kapowski. they must be!


  2. Hi I totally agreed with what you said! I just bought a pair and love it. I’m no supermodel but so what? 😀
    I’m really glad you refuted that guy as well, read his article and it was so hilarious.


  3. I’m a girl and I totally disagree. I started seeing these shorts in American Apparel stores a couple years ago and thought they were ugly and now to my horror every girl in Brooklyn/Manhattan is wearing them and they look horrible! I’ve been keeping track and I’ve literally only seen 5 out of hundreds of girls who actually pulled this look off.

    1. They make your ass look horrible. If you have an ass it’s hidden by the shorts which flattens them out. Unless your asscheeks are hanging out which then just makes you look desperate. Your asscheeks are meant to hang out of underwear, not shorts that you’re going to wear to sit down on public seats.

    2. THEY’RE CUT OFF MOM JEANS. Whyyyy would anyone ever bring this style back?

    3. Not even supermodels look good in them. The American Apparel mannequins look horrible in them and most supermodels don’t have much of a butt so the high waisted shorts make them look even flatter than before. Granted, they do look somewhat better on tall girls with long legs but those girls still would look better off wearing regular shorts. The only girls who’ve I’ve seen rock these had amazing sculpted legs. You could tell they did lunges/squats for days. Not most of America.


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