A Week In My Shoes

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On a typical day you can most likely find me wearing a pair of my favorite Lucky Brand dark wash jeans, flats, and a Ralph Lauren button up with quirky Kate Spade inspired accessories to class. There are some days in my week that call for something other than my rounded toe flats. Just because I opt for a comfy flat on a daily basis with my classic cool look, doesn’t mean that I don’t wear anything else.  In fact, I’m a shoe fanatic.  If you saw my closet you’d think I might have a slight problem.  I swear I don’t, guys. Okay, well maybe it’s my mom’s fault.

Sunday. It’s the first day of the week and I’ll be honest this is my day to do all that homework I’ve been putting off to play all weekend.  Starbucks just happens to be where I go to hide, and indulge in my coffee addiction. Since I fully believe in the idea “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me” a pair of beat up Sperrys are my go to shoes.  I’m pretty sure I’m rocking the same pair I’ve had since eighth grade (Shore girl problems).  Don’t judge.  If you own some you know they only get better with age.

Once Monday comes along and I’ve indulged in my weekend, I’m ready to hit the gym.  No I am NOT a girl who has a wardrobe of Nike and just wears it to class to show off.  As a former ballerina, tennis player, and rugby player, it’s my BIGGEST pet peeve when people don’t show their work out clothing the gym.  It’s called work out clothing for a reason, guys. Don’t be lazy.  Yes I wear my Under Armor leggings to class, but my favorite Nikes are paired with them for a pop of color. I’m comfy without rolling into lecture in my pajamas and ready to be on my way to the ERC, like freshmen flocking to 251, when the clock strikes 3:30.

Tuesday is here and it’s raining.  I like to think I’m pretty unique since I’m like 1 out of 1000 in the UMD population who actually makes the trek to class (I’m a nerd, get at me).  With my style comes classic footwear, and when it rains I go all out in my Hunter Wellingtons in a standard shade of green.  Nothing makes me happier than stomping through the puddles on campus and not caring about getting splashed since all of you slackers are still in bed.

The rain has passed and Wednesday is a little chilly, so naturally I’ll look like the typical UMD girl wearing my Steve Madden riding boots and leggings with slouchy sweater combo.  Sure I rag on the Terps who roll into lecture in their pajamas, but it’s just such a perfect combo for those kind of cooler class days.  Which probably explaining it’s outfit popularity. I don’t want to look like I’m homeless, and I do kind of wonder how my professors see the way I dress.  My riding boots polish off my out of bed look without being too much of a hassle.  Come on, even I don’t want to spend an hour getting ready in the morning.

As the week goes on, Thursday is time for more lectures and some smaller classes too.  Okay, so I’m a little vain and believe that looks are the first impression you get from someone.  Every day is a new impression so I have to dress to impress, right?  My Lucky Brand jeans, Polo Button up, and quirky jewelry are back, with some leopard loafers to break the look up.  Plus, what fun loving gal DOESN’T love a good animal print?

Classes are done on Friday and I’m itching to do something other than be in class.  I roll with a stylish crowd where heels are always in the mix.  College Park is my oyster, and my heels are the pearl to make a statement in it.  I’m a little on the short side, so heels are a good way to make my legs go on forever.  Depending on how spicy I’m feeling I might opt for a Leopard print ankle strap (I’m obsessed).  If I still want to make a statement without looking like I belong in a zoo I might go for a classic bow wedge (Sarah Vickers, I’m coming for you).

And then there was tailgating day.  Saturday is finally here.  I’ll most likely be making my way through the depths of die hard, drunken Terps fans, so shoes I don’t mind getting dirty are a must.  I know if you are a student at UMD you’ve seen some overcrowded mud bath tailgating pictures.  A day of tailgating calls for a classic pair of Keds of course.  Mine just happen to be a canvas for school pride with a hand painted Maryland flag print.  Be jealous, I’m pretty sure even Testudo wants a pair.


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